SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation

The SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca was created with the purpose of investing in the youth for a sustainable and responsible urban development and also for supporting the youth communities of Cluj-Napoca by implementing the Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital program, by helping them organise different programs or projects.

Strategy and Objectives:
• Implementing the “Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital” program
• Encouraging the developing of the young people in the spirit of democratic values and principles
• Organizing formation and professional specialization courses in different areas of activity and experience
• Stimulation of the youth participation in society
• Unrolling of programs and projects that involve the youth
• Creating and promoting youth policies that acknowledge the importance of their existence (the youth sector) in society
• Making sure communication between student NGO’s is as efficient as possible
• Emerging economic activities that will contribute to achieving our aim
• Collaboration with other NGO’s and governmental organizations and institutions from Romania and from abroad
• Financing programs and projects with help from physical or juridical persons both from Romania or from abroad
• Promoting by any means the program “Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital”
• Collecting the necessary funds for financing the activities, projects and programs that will happen within “Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital”
• Establishing contacts and collaboration relationships with institutions, organisms, associations or foundations, federations, public and private universities from Romania or from abroad that might support the activity of the SHARE Federation
• Adherence as a member in organizations/federations as a local, national or international level, bodies that do not have policies or beliefs that are not according to our own principles and aims, but who will benefit and help the well going of our Federation’s mission.

• Creating projects and programs for local and regional development
• Developing sector programs that will be of use to regional development, in the following areas of expertise: economy, culture (especially for cultural heritage and cultural diversity), inter-ethnical relations, youth, school system, sustainable development and environment protection, infrastructure- building education, research-development
• Contribute to the sharing of information for the large public regarding usage solutions for technology, information and internet in the process of regional development
• Elaborates and develops online content, structure and data basis necessary to support the content
• Develops solutions for the active involvement of the youth in the local and regional development by supporting their initiatives
• Realizing some activities of counseling and structured dialogue regarding the identification of problems that are specific for the youth
• Cooperating with specialized institutions and organizations from Romania and from abroad in order to build a common program
• Cooperating with governmental organizations and the other physical or juridical persons that have as a purpose the realization of new projects for local, sector and regional development
• Supports any initiative of juridical public or private persons and also physical persons that corresponds with the ideas mentioned above
• Organizes charity activities for supporting the young people interested in the informational society
• Organizes seminaries and camps in the domain of local and regional development
• Organizes activities in the domain of prevention/ or instruction/ or treatment of addictions
• Edits material both in electronic and published form
• Offers scholarships to the young people that bring a contribution to the achieving of everything mentioned above
• Organizes activities of spreading information
• Coordinates activities of supply and development of certain specific information services
• Develops seminars, conferences, congresses, colloquia, meetings
• Any other activities that take place in order to reach the goal, according to the mission and the vision of our federation

• Democratic decision-making process
• Trust, respect and cooperation between the federation members
• Full transparency and correct spread of information
• Legally and correctly applied principles of the federation

1. Asociația AIESEC Cluj-Napoca
2. Asociația Europeană a Studenților în Drept (ELSA) Cluj-Napoca
3. Asociația Grupul de Inițiativă Basarabeană din Cluj-Napoca (G.I.B. Cluj)
4. Asociația Grupul Local Best
5. Asociația JCI Active Citizens Cluj
6. Asociația Kifor
7. Asociația Little People România
8. Asociația Nutriție și Sănătate
9. Asociația Organizația Studenților din Universitatea Tehnică Cluj-Napoca
10. Asociația Organizația Studenților Farmaciști Cluj-Napoca
11. Asociația Organizația Studenților pentru Turismul Românesc
12. Asociația Organizația Studenților Stomatologi din Cadrul Univ. de Medicină și Farmacie Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj-Napoca
13. Asociația Rotaract Cluj-Napoca
14. Asociația Societatea Studenților Europeniști
15. Asociația Student Plus
16. Asociaţia Studenţilor Arhitecţi – A.St.A. Cluj
17. Asociația Studenților Psihologi din România
18. Asociaţia Studenților Sapientia Cluj-Napoca
19. Asociația Studenților Universității De Artă și Design Cluj-Napoca
20. Asociaţia Tineretului Român Unit – Astru Cluj
21. Asociația Transylvania Youth Culture
22. Asociația Young Team
23. Association Des Etats Generaux Des Etudiants De L`Europe – Cluj Napoca (AEGEE)
24. Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca
25. Consorțiul Organizațiilor Studențești din Cluj
26. Consorțiul Studenților din România
27. Fundația Comunitară Cluj
28. Fundația Karolyi Gaspar
29. Fundaţia Transylvania College
30. Gutenberg – Organizația Studenților Vorbitori de Limba Germană
31. Organizația Națională Cercetașii României, filiala Cluj
32. Organizatia Studenților din Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai
33. Organizația Studenților Economiști
34. Organizația Studenților Mediciniști Din Cluj
35. Societatea Universitară Română pentru Creativitate Umană, Inteligență Artificială și Tehnologia Informației Hermes
36. Uniunea Studenţească Maghiară din Cluj

You can find more details about the members of SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation visiting the page SHARE Members.